Park Manor Christian Church

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Park Manor Christian Church

                  Share your talents in any of our many ministries or

            help start a new one to serve the needs of our community!

Disciples Women's Ministry – (CONTACT: Catherine Smith,
Provides opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, education and creative ministries to empower women to take active roles in leadership and develop a sense of personal responsibility for the whole mission of the Church of Jesus Christ. Our gifts help support the work of the General Office of the Christian Church. Each of the following Disciples Women's Fellowship groups has its own project(s):

Friends – being a friend to all who need a friend.  CONTACT: Thelma Page,
Golden Heirs – a fellowship of senior women and men age 55 and older. CONTACT: Elizabeth Jones,
Service Guild – "A Desire To Serve" - to serve the church in any way possible and to give assistance to members of the church and the community. CONTACT: Guernia Flenoy,
Spires – warm, caring, inclusive group of women desiring to know and practice the Word of God.

CONTACT: Cynthia Webber,

Disciples Men's Ministry – (CONTACT: Robert Lewis,
Christian men coming together in fellowship as positive role models and providing leadership through the use of our time and talents within our church and our community.

Youth Ministry – (CONTACT: Minister Dyamond Ross, Deacon Keith Gray)
Our teen children enter our 10:30 worship service and are then escorted to their own youth worship service in the parlor.

Junior Church – (CONTACT: Rev. Sandra Brown,
Our children enter our 10:30 worship service and are then escorted to their own children's worship service on the 3rd floor.

Credit Union – (CONTACT:, 773 483-0840)
The Park Manor Christian Church Credit Union is YOUR not-for-profit financial institution which offers a safe place to keep your hard-earned money and is a competitive source for meeting your lending needs. Products and services include Share Savings Accounts, Christmas Club Accounts, Bright Future Program for minors, Loans, Financial Counseling, VITA-IRS Free Tax Preparer Program. Click the button below for brochure.

Health Ministry – (CONTACT: Angela Shephard,
This ministry aims to improve the physical, mental and spiritual health of the congregation and community by promoting a healthier lifestyle through education, self-awareness, exercise, healthy eating and encouragement.

Music Ministry / Choir, Instrumentalists –
Offers music that honors and praises God with excellence and professionalism.

Electronic/Social Media Ministry – (CONTACT: Ronald Brown,
Supports all of our services through the use of audio and visual equipment and technology.
Also extends the PMCC ministry online via our web site and through the use of all relevant social media platforms.

Married Couples Ministry – (CONTACT: Gregory & Angela Shephard,
A fellowship of married couples that provides Biblical nurturing and support for individual spiritual growth as well as for marital and family enrichment. Meets on the 2nd Saturday of each month and all married couples are welcome.

Senior Ushers Ministry – (CONTACT: Rosalie Tarr,
To assist in all worship services as dedicated doorkeepers in God's House. To be open and welcoming while keeping order and helping to set the proper tone in His Temple.

Bereavement Ministry –  (CONTACT: Rev. Connie Simms or Rev. Montee Akers, Jr.,
Gives immediate care and assistance to families experiencing tragedy or the loss of a loved one within their family circle. Provides follow-up counseling to demonstrate the continuing love of God and the caring concern of the church.